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General Ride Information

Q. How do I register for the Ride for the Cure?
   A. Online registration is quick and easy! Click here to register online. Only Riders who have registered by June 1st and have completed their fundraising commitment by Ride day are guaranteed to receive their dry-fit shirt or jersey on Ride day. Fundraising commitment of $200 must be met in order to participate on Ride day (or you may fill out the delayed self-donation form). Credit cards will be accepted at Packet Pick-Up and on Ride day. Note: Registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable. Each rider must pick up his/her own registration packet. Please bring a photo ID to registration. 

Q. Once I have registered, can I change my Ride distance?
   A. Yes, Riders may choose to change their Ride distance but must notify the registration tent prior to leaving on the route. Example: I signed up for the 30 mile, but after training, I have decided I can Ride 60 miles. This is wonderful! We would be happy to move you to the 60 mile Ride!

Q. I would like to form a team - how does this differ from individual registration?
   A. This year, we are offering the option to register as a team! When registering, you can create a team that your family and friends can join. You will each have your own separate fundraising page and also a team page. A few important notes about creating a team: Be creative! You get to create your own team name, identity and team fundraising page. Oftentimes teammates get together to host fundraising events such as golf outings, euchre tournaments, bowling events, etc. Teams can be any size from 1 to 100 or more! Each individual Rider must still raise a minimum of $200. Team Donations can be divided among team members – HOWEVER, donation forms indicating how donations are to be allocated must accompany any team donations. Donations made online or via check to a specific Rider can NOT be moved once they have been entered into our system. (For example, if John Smith has $1000 in donations and his teammate Suzy has $0, Suzy will still be required to raise $200 to participate). Immediate family members who wish to utilize one fundraising page for two riders need to contact Ashley (apearson@komenmichigan.org) in advance. We do recommend that each participant create their own fundraising page but do realize that in some situations (i.e.: husband & wife) you may have the same contacts and may only want to contact them from one account. Teammates do NOT have to Ride the same routes – each individual Rider can choose the Ride they would like to participate in! 

Q. How can I get started with fundraising?
   A. Visit your Participant Center to utilize your online fundraising tools.

Q. Can I mail in a donation rather than give online?
   A. Yes, if you prefer to give by check, please download a donation form and mail it to: Komen Michigan, PO Box 4368, East Lansing, MI 48826.

Q. What if I haven't raised $200 by Ride Day?
   A. If you haven't raised at least $200 in donations by Ride day, you have two options in order to participate in the event: instant self-donation or delayed self-donation. The instant self-donation is an donation that you make to your own fundraising account, which posts immediately. For a delayed self-donation, you give us a credit card number to secure coverage of the donation balance, but you have until Friday, September 15, 2017 to fulfill your fundraising committment. This means that you can continue to accept donations until September 15. If by that date you have still not reached your committment of $200, any outstanding balance will automatically be charged to your credit card. If you have reached $200 in donations, your card will NOT be charged. Please note that any mailed donations must be received ON OR BEFORE September 15, 2017 to be credited to your account. Please allow proper time for mailing and processing.

Q. What services will be provided on Ride day?
   A. SAG VEHICLES: If you are unable to ride, sag vehicles will be available to transport you and your bicycle. Please do not misuse this important support service as they are there to help riders in need. Sag vehicles will make their final sweep at 4:30 p.m.

AID STATIONS: Rest stops will be located on the tour route approximately every 10 to 15 miles. Fruit, water, light snacks, first aid supplies, toilets, and hand sanitizers are provided at aid stations at no charge.

BIKE TECHNICIANS: Wrench-hands will be available to assist you if you have mechanical difficulties on the route. It is recommended that each rider carry and know how to use equipment to patch and change tires.

MEDICAL SUPPORT: Susan G. Komen® Michigan has gone to great lengths to assure your safety on this tour. We will have a medical team available at base camp and radio-equipped staff members will patrol the route.

Q. What equipment will I need for the Ride?

A. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY. Be sure your bicycle and equipment measure up to the challenges of riding the route you have chosen. If you’re uncertain if your bike will make the grade, have it checked out by a qualified shop. We highly recommend a “tune-up” for your bicycle prior to the Ride for the Cure® .


  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen & lip balm
  • approved helmet - REQUIRED
  • cycling shorts
  • cycling jersey
  • cycling gloves
  • cycling shoes
  • tire levers and patch kit
  • small tool kit
  • frame pump
  • spare tire & tubes
  • lock
  • towel
  • clothing and shoes for after ride

Q. What are the safety rules and precautions?
   A. The Ride for the Cure® is conducted on open roads with vehicular traffic. Roads include both marked and unmarked hazards. Though we go to great lengths to make the ride as safe as possible, always remember that safety is in your own hands and ride by these rules:

  • Wear a helmet at all times – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Carry ID and relevant medical information.
  • Rules of the road apply; same rights and duties as the driver of any other vehicle.
  • Ride single file where necessary, maximum of two abreast when conditions allow, do not impede traffic.
  • Ride as far right as reasonable.
  • Obey all traffic lights, signs, and regulations.
  • Pass on the left only, announce “passing” or “hello” or “on your left”.
  • Use hand signals to indicate road hazards, stopping, slowing, right, and left turns.
  • Prepare properly: nutrition, hydration, training, and sudden changes in weather conditions.
  • Respect others: riders, volunteers, host communities, motorists, pedestrians, law enforcement and the environment.
  • No headphones while riding.
  • Accidents often occur in pacelines. If you are inexperienced with drafting, do not draft. Maximum paceline length is 5 cyclists.

Ride for the Cure® support & safety services are provided on the designated marked route ONLY. Riding safely and considerately is vital to your enjoyment and the safety of other riders. The future of cycling events in Michigan depends on your cooperation with the rules above. Komen Michigan reserves the right to terminate the registration of any participant disobeying rules. Fees will not be refunded, and those involved will be ineligible for future Ride for the Cure events. For additional safety tips and rules of the road, please visit http://www.lmb.org/. League of Michigan Bicyclists is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting bicycling, increasing safety, improving road conditions, and providing a voice for Michigan cyclists. Always carry a water bottle and drink plenty of water. To avoid dehydration and “bonking”, drink before you’re thirsty and eat before you’re hungry.

Q. What happens in the case of inclement weather?
   A. The Ride for the Cure® has been scheduled during a time when we hope weather conditions will be favorable, but in the event of inclement weather, the tour will Ride on! Come prepared for all types of weather, including rain and hail. Bring inclement weather gear, including full-finger gloves and shoe covers. If you have any further questions about the Ride, please contact Events Director, Travis Mix at tmix@komenmichigan.org.